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Kramer Duke

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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01026

Make: Kramer

Model: Duke

Style: 4 String Headless Electric Solid Body Bass

Year: 1981

Scale: 30 ½”

Frets: 25

Condition: Good

Case: OHSC (Taped)

Description: The last of the aluminum neck Kramers. This short scale headless ersatz Steinberger sort of thing has had some modifications. She began life as a Duke Standard. Then back in ’81 she had her bridge replaced with a Leo Quan Badass and her pick-up replaced with and active EMG (there is just enough room in the back cavity for a 9v battery). The body end strap pin is missing and has been replaced with a screw eye drilled into the treble side bottom as well as an added bolt, on the opposing bass side of the bottom, which allows the instrument to be put down vertically. Like most any other guitar. The knobs are not original, but have been replaced with knurled aluminum. There is a Radiation warning label glued to the back of the instrument. That kind of thing was cool back in the day. She is a lite weight easy player with a clean adaptable tone and a neck that will still be straight long after we, as a species, have finally left the planet to explore the universe like we should be doing. She will ship in her OHSC that somebody, long ago, covered in black gaffers tape. Oh, well.

Price: Sold