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Ovation Breadwinner

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Merillon Guitars Item #MG01024

Make: Ovation

Model: Breadwinner

Style: 6 String Electric Solid Body

Year: 1974

Scale: 25”

Frets: 24

Condition: Very Good

Case: OHSC (Cracked lower bout, broken handle)

Description: Charles Kaman’s Ovation has certainly brought some major changes to what guitar players think is reasonable when it comes to guitar building materials. Perhaps more remarkably, they have done this almost exclusively with acoustic guitars. Time and again their electric instruments struggled in the marketplace. Beats me. These instruments have thin, fast, straight necks, well balanced ergonomics and should have been more popular. Maybe the oddball wiring is too counter-intuitive. This particular example is in excellent shape. The body is mahogany and the Ovation “LyraChord” textured finish doesn’t scratch up easily, so what little play-wear there is doesn’t read at all. She sports two of Ovations proprietary Mini-Humbucking pick-ups and an FET circuit (One of the first) which requires two 9v batteries. She is set up with a light low action and has a fully adjustable metal bridge. Once you sort out what the knobs do, and that will take a few minutes if you haven’t before, these guitars will make a whole bunch of great tones. She is all original and will ship in her OHSC, which has some issues. The handle is broken and the lower bout has a 4” cracked piece in the lower bass bout area. The case does, not the guitar. The guitar is a charmer. Steve Marriot thought so, who are we to argue?