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Kay Kraft Venetian

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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01033

Make: Kay Kraft

Model: Venetian

Style: 6 String Acoustic Arch-Top

Year: Early 30’s

Scale: 25 ½”

Frets: 19

Condition: Good

Case: OHSC (Cardboard)

Description: Designed at Stromberg–Voisinette and built by Kay in depression era Chicago, this lovely double Venetian cut acoustic has a bolt-on adjustable neck that joins the body at the twelfth fret. This is important in these models as the twelve fret models are X-braced, while the slightly larger fourteen fret models are ladder braced and in our experience don’t sound as good. The neck adjustment mechanism on this example is intact, all original, and functioning. She is of all Mahogany construction with a clean top and sides and one patch of buckle rash on the back. She has a very clean MOTS laminated headstock with original, functioning tuners and nut. The simple tailpiece is original as is the bridge, but it is not one of the “flip over for intonation” variety that the upper end of this model line came with as stock. In fact I think the bridge on this instrument, which is not compensated, is a piece of Maple that has been stained black (at the factory in 1931) and not ebony or even Bakelite as some have claimed. This model was not at the top of this line so she lacks a pick guard (no holes for one) and doesn’t have any of the fancy decals that her more expensive sisters sported, but she does have a classic bluesy ragtime tone, and I think that may be what you are after anyway, No? A fantastic essay on these instruments can be found hereShe will ship in her original faux-alligator cardboard case, which is functional but pretty beat-up.