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Kay Concert Hall 562

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Merillon Guitars Item #MG01051

Make: Kay

Model: Concert Hall 562

Style: Semi-Acoustic 6 String Electric

Year: Mid 60’s

Scale: 25 7/8”

Frets: 19

Condition: Fair (Heavily Modified)

Case: Gig Bag

Description: This instrument began her life as a Seeburg era Kay Concert Hall 562 with a ‘Bush Wacker’ headstock and a body style that was also used on the more common and ever changing Speed Demons. Besides the black plastic back access panel cover, that neck and body are all that remains of that original instrument. The tuners are unbranded, probably Japanese, replacements. The Rosewood compensated bridge is also unbranded and not original. The tailpiece is an older Kay type used on Speed Demons and like the modern reproduction Speed Demon pick-guard, fits because the bodies were interchangeable. There are no ‘extra’ screw holes or damage from the changes. The truss rod cover appears to be hand-made to match the pick-guard and the knobs are replacement cup-cake style. The pick-ups are a pair of modern Guitar Fetish GFS NYII Single coils that simply scream in this instrument. They never really did make one quite like this but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a fun to play great sounding axe. She will ship in a gig bag.

Price : SOLD