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Airline 7214 Amp in Case

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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01047

Make: Airline

Model: 7214 (Amp in Case)

Style: Electric Solid Body

Year: 1962

Scale: 22” (3/4 Short)

Frets: 20

Condition: Excellent

Case: OHSC (Amp in Case)

Description: A very clean example of Valco’s (Via Montgomery-Wards) offering to the early 60’s Amp-in-Case Market. Branded ‘Airline’ as all Supro built guitars sold by the venerable mail order catalogue were, the 7214 model was at the top of this line at the time and the Supro amp in case was, and is, a much better buy than its Silvertone competition. This example is in metallic gold with a blue vinyl covered amp/case. She is all original, guitar and amp. She retains all of her original parts including the optical “Wha” effect (really a volume attenuator for a sort of vibrato, in the volume sense, effect.) It’s the small red flange on the top which is spring loaded and interrupts the light from a small lamp. The effect still works as designed and we will include the original ‘Burgess’ battery (removed) that came with it from the factory. She has two single coil pick-ups controlled by a three way switch on the upper bass bout. The amp that is built into the case is a six watt, single channel tube amp with a single 8” speaker and her original tubes. There is a period leather guitar strap in the case which may have been original, but who knows? We’re going to leave it in there. She is a very petite, light weight, short scale, easy to play thing of early 60’s Valco beauty. She will ship with her original (amp-in) case, period strap and the original battery which can be replaced with any modern “C” cell.

Price: SOLD