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Framus 5/115 52-T


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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01025

Make: Framus

Model: 5/115 52-T

Style: 6 String Electric Semi-Acoustic Thin Line

Year: Early 60’s

Scale: 25”

Frets: 22

Condition: Very Good

Case: HSC

Description: It says 5/115 52t on the paper label in the body. It also says ‘Built in the Heart of Bavaria’. The details of this example differ from other 5/115s we have seen. In fact, if it weren’t for the label, we would argue that this is 5/113 Atlantic because, well, that’s what she is. Plainly. We don’t know why she is labeled otherwise. If you do, email us. This particular instrument has a lovely ‘Black Rose’ finish, a zero fret, two single coil pick-ups and her original vibrato. The wiring is pretty elaborate and appears to be original, but it is not clear, to us anyway, what some of the upper bass bout switches do. The otherwise awesome Framus site was no help here. She shows a little surface checking and has had a small crack around the jack plug repaired by Master Luthier Norio Imai in NYC. The laminated neck is straight with minimal fret wear and the body shows very little evidence of use. She has a tone unlike the guitars we make on this side of the pond, with a light, supple action and a vibrato that is downright spongy. But these things are so subjective. She is a cool and unusual guitar with a style all her own. She will ship in an un-branded period-ish hard shell case which we do not think is original.

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