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Micro-Frets Stage II


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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01034

Make: Micro-Frets

Model: Stage II

Style: 6 String Electric Semi-Acoustic

Year: 1970

Scale: 24”

Frets: 22

Condition: Very Good

Case: Gig Bag

Description: Hailing from Frederick, Maryland the Micro-Frets Stage II was one of that underappreciated brands most popular models. Like most of her 4000 or so cousins she has a heavily routed two piece maple body and all of the eccentric hardware these eminently playable guitars are famous for. This particular example has a rosewood fingerboard, two white plexi Micro-Frets pickups, and a two-tiered pick guard which houses the controls. Like most Micro-Frets guitars she has their “Micro-Nut’ adjustable nut which allows you to intonate the other end for once and this example sports the ‘Calibrato’ vibrato unit with its original arm intact (!!). Not only does she still have her trem arm but she still has the little white plastic logo plate that lives behind the bridge. Those are always lost. Sad face. Anyway, this one is very clean, showing a few minor dings and playwear, but is all original with all of the bits original and intact. No case unfortunately, she will ship in a gig bag.

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