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Danelectro Guitarlin


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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01012

Make: Danelectro

Model: Guitarlin Long Horn Re-Issue

Style: 6 String Electric Solid Body (Chambered)

Year: Late 90’s

Scale: 25”

Frets: 31

Condition: Excellent

Case: Original Dano faux tweed gig bag

Description: Super clean, not played much by anybody 90’s re-issue Guitarlin. 33 frets put you up into mando land. She sports dual concentric stack nobs, two lipstick pick-ups to go with them and a metal nut just like Mr. Daniel would have it. Her neck is straight, all electronics functioning, she plays great and sounds like nothing else. The lining has pulled away from the body for about an inch in the bass side cut-away. Easy fix. This example is one of the late 90’s re-issues that were built in Korea for the Evets Corp. Twang and cool for days, she is very light weight, easy to play and not exactly the kind of thing you see all the time. She will ship in her original promotional Dano branded faux tweed gig bag.

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