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Silvertone 1448


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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01032

Make: Silvertone

Model: 1448L Amp in Case

Style: 6 String Electric Hybrid

Year: 1964

Scale: 23 ¾”

Frets: 18

Condition: Very Good

Case: OHSC Amp in Case

Description: Ah, such a classic. Manufactured in Neptune New Jersey by the fine folks at Danelectro, this Silvertone branded instrument was marketed, and sold by the boat load, by Sears. Was one of these under a Christmas tree when you were a kid? You’re not alone. These instruments were constructed from pine and Masonite with pick-ups housed in lipstick tubes, an aluminum nut and a sort of adjustable bridge. Cheap and cheerful but oh so cool, and you’re amp right in the case! This single pick-up example shows some paint wear on the neck and a one inch ding on the lower treble bout edge caused by the case hinge support arm. The top and back are clean and the neck adjust mechanism works. The Amp-in-case not only works but it still sports all three of its original Silvertone branded tubes and the ¼ inch cable it would have shipped with. Very cool indeed.

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