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Nagoya Harp Taishogoto


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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01037

Make: Nagoya Harp

Model: Taishogoto

Style: Japanese Mechanical Dulcimer

Year: 60’s?

Scale: N/A

Frets: 23

Condition: Very Good

Case: No Case

Description: Here we have a nice, 5- string Taishogoto / Nagoya Harp. She is clean and simple and was more than likely towards the bottom of the manufacturers line as many of these are elaborately decorated, but this one is as plain as could be. This style of Taishogoto has one drone string and four strings that you fret with type-writer like keys. This particular example has a sticker on her from Al’s Music Studio in LA. and not only retains her plastic Nagoya badge but will ship with her original tuning key. She is fully functioning with a few small dings, a little edge-wear and a boxy otherworldly tone. There is no case for this item.

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