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Lifton 16" Guitar Case


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Merillon Guitars Item  # MGG1022

Make: Lifton

Model: Yellow Plush

Purpose: Gibson Thin-Line Case

Condition: Good

Box: N/A

Manual: N/A

Description: Early 60’s Lifton case of a style used by Gibson for their 16” wide thin-line Guitars.  ES-330’s, 335’s, Epi Casino’s will fit in there, this kind of thing. This example has a very clean ‘Yellow’ plush interior that was introduced by Lifton in 1961. The lid strap, hinge covers and the interior pocket are intact although the tab on the pocket door shows some fraying. The exterior shows some wear and scuffing but no real damage to the faux ‘alligator skin’ Tolex covering aside from two small worn areas on the bottom edge of the lower bout. All of the hardware, including the handle, is intact and working, showing some brass patina but remarkably little for a case that is at more than fifty years old. The Lifton badge on the inside says ‘Built like a Fortress’ for a reason.

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Price: $400