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Regal Blue Comet

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Merillon Guitars Item # MG01044

Make: Blue Comet

Model: Style “A”

Style: 8 String ‘Resonator’ Mandolin

Year: 30’s

Scale: 14”

Frets: 20

Condition: Good

Case: No Case

Description: More than likely manufactured by Regal in Chicago this mid 30’s flat back ‘A’ Style Mandolin is not, in fact, a resonator at all, as there is no resonating cone or mechanism of any kind, but it was marketed that way. What it does have is a ‘sound chamber’ that surrounds the body containing eighteen screened ports that were hopefully going to make the instrument louder. Reports vary. These mandos were sold by Perlberg & Hapin in New York as Beltone and Montgomery-Ward cataloged them as Blue Comet in two styles, one with the extra ports on the top, and this style, where the extra ports are on a recessed surround. They were constructed of a Maple laminate that was stained to appear almost tiger-striped, with a Rosewood fret board and Formica like pick-guard. This example shows some minor dings and play ware as well as a missing Blue Comet ‘cloud’ logo sticker on the headstock. Her period but incorrect tailpiece is not original. This instrument has no case.

Price: SOLD